Peckerhead Completed Projects

Fully Functional Completed Projects

Created for and ridden for special events only.


"The boys built a Casita Davidson for road trips. Unfortunately things did not go well on the first outing when, loaded down with Peckerheads and Shiner Bock and running the usual 2nd hand bald tires, the C D encountered a rainy, downhill switchback in the mountains and...well, you know.

Fortunately help was nearby..."

The methane boost of the Delmar Special gave the boys an unfair
advantage and they were banned from further competition.

The Peckerhead Ladies Auxiliary got together
and built a prototype for the boys.

Our boys were at it again...all was well until the new Peckerhead CycleCar 2000 unceremoniously flopped on it's side while delivering the lads to U-N-S for a brew. Unfortunately, all hands were lost and U-N-S filled Chapter 11 two months later.

Test rider Dzivi rode his radical new mount to an astonishing 195MPH on I35 but when he was forced to brake very hard to miss an errant Poodle he unfortunately whirled into orbit, never to be seen again.

A Peckerhead on his way to Up 'N Smoke on a rainy Friday afternoon.

The Peckerheads were sure their new two-wheeled truck had serious commercial possibilities until center-of-gravity induced handling problems resulted in the untimely deaths of test riders Berwyn Wong, Dan Lee and George (Pistol) Chow. Further attempts to revive the project were aborted when the powerplant division was decimated by the dreaded hoof-and-mouth disease.

The Peckerhead's recently finished Grand Touring machine.

Peckerhead concept vehicle...

"The new Peckerheads Stunt Team finally landed a gig but were fired after only one performance. Having celebrated with a couple of rounds of Stout, the boys got mixed up and thought they were supposed to jump the bus over the bikes."

Made entirely of recycled beer can pulltabs, the new Peckerhead Ultralite Cruiser was perfect for anyone who might be overserved at a meeting...not very fast and easy to pick-up after a tip-over.

The Taliban recently applied for official Peckerhead Chapter status but were rejected.  Proving that even the Peckerheads do have some standards.

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